Bra Shopping

Does this sound familiar…..

You wake up one morning and as you are getting dressed, you look in the mirror and see how sagging you are.  You just don’t feel you look good in most of your clothing anymore. You think about how tired you are of having your bra straps fall off your shoulders or have them digging in sometimes.  You have had it with the underwires poking you on your rib cage or under your arm.  You know you bounce all over the place when you try to jog or just walk fast.  And you yank the bra off as soon as you get home from work.

“Mmmmmmm…..maybe it is time for a new bra.  OK, it is Saturday, I can make it over to Kohls or Macy’s today.  I know Victoria Secret can’t fit me worth a damn. Those clerks don’t know what they are doing.”

Two hours later you walk into Kohls.  There is no one in the bra department that can help you. You rumble around picking out some Ds and DDs in size 38.  You have 15 bras from 4 different manufacturers.  You wait in line outside the dressing room.  Of course they are all full since it is Saturday.  After 10 minutes, you enter one of the dressing rooms which is strewn with bras and shapewear.

“OK, where do I start?”  You pick out the one that is the most attractive to you thinking how it might just be the transforming garment you need.  You hear women in the next dressing room grunting trying to pull on a piece of shapewear.  You hope they will be finished soon……

As you try on the bras your hope of finding just the right one is diminishing.  No two Ds or DDs fit the same from the different manufacturers. You have one hook where you hang the bras that are definite rejects. On a second hook are the possibilities which now count 4.  Now it is time to weed them down to 1 or 2 for possible purchase.  Finally, after a total of 30 minutes, you give up in despair.  The bras are either too big in the cup, or too small and you spill over.  The narrow band in the back digs in and creates a bulge on your back.  No time today to look any more.  Perhaps next Saturday…..


I often get calls from women in bra department dressing rooms, asking if they can come over to have me fit them.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better a custom-fitted bra can make you look and feel better.  And the process is painless as you are getting my undivided attention!  Come try one on and see for yourself!