Become a Fitter

Do You Need Extra Income?

dollar sign1 Would you like a fun, profitable business while introducing other women to the most wonderful, supportive bras they have ever worn?  Tired of the 9-5 and the commute?  Would you like to make $50-200/hour?

When I started as a professional bra fitter, I  contacted some existing clients, friends and family. Amazingly, I sold over $10,000 in bras in my first 5 weeks.  Since I started the demand has been equally as strong month after month. My husband was so impressed with the market for these bras that he stopped looking for a job and now does my accounting and administrative tasks.  That way, I can make more money by just focusing on doing the fittings.

Being in the custom-fitted bra business is about as recession proof as you can get!  Almost every woman I meet complains about her bra.  And the bigger the bust the bigger the need. They are unlike any other bra you have ever worn.

In as little as 10-15 hours a week you can earn $2000-3000  per month as a professional bra fitter.  I can show you how.  The demand for good fitting bras is very strong no matter the economy.

You will be given all the mentoring support you will need to develop your business.  A basic inventory ($3000) is required to get you started.  Most consultants cover the cost of that inventory by sales in their first four weeks.  The larger the inventory initially, however, the faster you will be earning towards your goal.

Training and Workshops

Fitting is an art, not a science.  You will need to understand our products and what defines a good fit versus a poor fit.  You will be sent training materials to review when you purchase your initial inventory.  This will include a charts, and a Power Point presentation. After you have reviewed these materials, we will have the option to consult with you using Skype or other internet video conferencing.  We recommend that after you have done your initial fittings,you attend a workshop within 30-60 days to help you handle more difficult fittings.  If you can attend one of our fitting workshops right from the start when you first receive your inventory, you will be most successful.  In order for a workshop to take place, we need a minimum of 4 women.  There is no charge for this workshop.

Depending on where you live, Gail will try to be on site for your first fittings with friends and family.  Any bra size you don't have in your demo inventory that day, Gail will typically have on hand for you to use.  That way you can make immediate sales without having to order and deliver later.

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