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 LeUnique, formerly Jeunique, bras are the ideal choice for the new mom

Nursing Bra Fit

The fit of your nursing bra is extremely important and will probably change again over the course of your nursing career. Further, a poorly fitted nursing bra and one with underwires may put pressure on your milk ducts, which can cause inflammation and plugged ducts.

During pregnancy, your rib cage expands (usually 1-2 whole sizes) to accommodate your growing baby. Your breasts will be at their largest several days after birth when your milk comes in — and in the days that follow. Much to everyone’s amusement, even the smallest breasted women get to be Dolly Parton for a little while!

Thus, women who were previously accustomed to going bra-less will be surprised at how much more support they now need. Also (very important!), you’ll need a bra to hold nursing pads in place. Nobody wants milk dribbling down her belly.

Your breast size can even fluctuate throughout the day, with larger, fuller breasts in the morning and emptier, lighter breasts at bedtime.

After birth, your rib cage will shrink and, over time, your actual cup size will probably shrink back down as you lose weight and your milk production stabilizes. The shrinkage happens gradually over the first year and continues after your baby starts solids (or after you wean). For those nursing in the long run, your breasts should reach a steady state by the year 1 mark or so.

Because shopping probably won’t be the first thing on your agenda after giving birth, it’s recommended that you buy one or two nursing bras at the end of your pregnancy that fit your current [pregnant] rib cage.

Once you get the hang of nursing and your boobs have calmed down a bit, we suggest you buy at least three bras that fit your postpartum/nursing breast size.

Note that when you’re nursing, your bras will get way dirtier than they did before. For one, you WILL get milk in/on your bra and it will start to smell. Also, you’re (probably) going to be wearing a bra around the clock, so they just get sweatier than normal.

To make bras last longer, wash them on cold/gentle and hang them to dry.

Problem with Traditional Nursing Bras?

One simple problem:  No Support. Traditional nursing bras also come in conventional sizing so they are always too big or too small.  Nothing in between.  They often have underwires that poke and can be harmful to the breast in lactation.

The Answer? LeUnique Bras!  These bras are designed with an inner banderin, a shelf like structure, providing incredible support.  The banderin also holds  the breast forward while nursing.  When not nursing the breast is held forward thereby reducing any lactation accidents.

Come try one on.  Get a professional bra fitting today!