No Professional Bra Fitter in Your Area?

No problem.  If there is no professional bra fitter in your area, we can fit you remotely by having you do some measurements and answer a few questions.  We have successfully fitted thousands of women remotely. The following explains how the process works:

Bra Measuring Instructions

You need to take 2 measurements and answer some questions.

  1. You can measure yourself but it might be easier if you have someone help you.  With your bra on, lift your breasts up with your hands from beneath and have someone use a tape measure on your rib cage just under the breast line.  You should take a deep breath to test whether you rib cage expands – the person measuring should pull the tape measure a bit snug to a “natural” stopping point.
  2. Now hold the tape measure just lightly over the nipple area and take a second measurement all the way around.  No need to take a breath.
  3. Do you have a lot of fat under your armpits? One fistful or more?
  4. How old are you?
  5. Do you engage in active bouncing exercise?
  6. Are you ever sensitive to fabrics – itchy, scratchy?
  7. Do you generally wear loose or tight clothing?
  8. Do you have issues with your nipples showing?
  9. What is your waist measurement?
  10. Do you have dense, heavy breasts?

The initial measurements are only a starting point.  Until you actually try on the first couple of bras, we won’t know how much the breast will compress within the cup – this will depend on how dense your breasts are.  With this information, we will be able to send you one bra based on the measurements and 2 or 3 more that bracket the measurement.

You call us with the information and provide a credit card so that we can charge a $100 deposit when you mail the bras.  After you try on the bras, you send back what doesn’t fit or if none is perfect, we can do a second mailing based on the feedback you provide on the fit.  Once we get the fit right, we can then mail more in other colors if you choose.  If you choose not to purchase any of the bras, we refund your deposit less any postage costs.